SHEW Alumni



Jet, an off-the-track thoroughbred, came to us severely malnourished, with abscesses in three feet, and with joint problems that would prove to be unfixable. During his racing career, his knee had been injected so many times that there is now no cartilage left between the joints. At six years old, his riding life was over. We worked hard to get him healthy, and he transformed into a horse full of personality and life.

He was adopted, along with his adoptive brother Kismet, into a home where he spends his days being loved on. We could not have asked for better for this special guy!


We rescued Kismet from auction in the spring of 2018, along with Annabelle Blue. He showed evidence of being used as a plowhorse after his racing career, something that a thoroughbred body is not designed to deal with! He had some very strong walls up, likely to protect himself from any further mishandling. Once he learned that SHEW was here to help and love him, he showed himself to be a sweet, feisty guy.

Knowing that he’d worked so hard for his whole life, we dared to hope we’d find a home for him that could show him the love he needed without needing him to work too hard. We were so thankful to find that home for him! He and his adoptive brother Jet are living the life of luxury with more treats and love than they probably know what to do with!

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Snow White

Snow White came to SHEW in the bleakness of winter. She was incredibly thin, and we didn’t know if she’d make it to spring. The little fighter was up for a battle, though, and she came through into the sunshine! She was adopted by a family whose four-year-old was enamored with her.

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Annabelle Blue

Annabelle Blue was rescued from auction in 2018 with Kismet. Annabelle was flighty, scared, and defensive. She was underweight, and her beautiful mane was matted. SHEW brought her back to health and showed her what love and trust is.

Annabelle Blue was adopted by a loving family who treat her like the treasure she is. Her bond with her kid is unmistakable, and they have been taking the show ring by storm!



We were able to intercept Rosie before she was sent to auction. She had a history of supposedly being used at a petting zoo, yet was very distrustful of people. SHEW was able to earn her trust, and she soon found her person! For SHEW volunteer Katie, it was love at first sight. It was no surprise when Katie officially adopted Rosie.


Yankee (3).jpg


Yankee, a former Amish buggy horse, was rescued from an inhumane fate in the slaughter pipeline. He was terrified at auction, with a choke rope around his neck. He had scars and bruises all over his body, suggesting a life with a less-than-kind human.

Yankee found happiness through SHEW, finding his special human not long after he completed rehabilitation.

Piper (2).jpg


Piper was a scared, emaciated, sick pony at auction. SHEW rescued him and brought him back to health. He was adopted by a family who loves him as much as SHEW volunteers do!



Henry, a fun-loving, adorable little guy, was rescued from auction scared and defensive. After being returned from his first adoptive home, through no fault of his own, he was officially adopted by Safe Haven Farm. Every SHEW horse has a lifetime safety net and can always come home.

Mikey After. Today, a Therapy Pony.jpg


Mikey’s hooves were some of the worst SHEW has ever seen. They were so long, they were starting to curl up at the ends. Throughout rehab, he quickly showed his amazing personality, and he’s now a therapy pony with Humane Domain!



Lucy is a sweet Morgan mare who was rescued from auction with Piper. As is common in the Amish community, Lucy suffered a knee injury that did not get proper medical attention. As a nonrideable horse, she is now thriving in her long-term foster home!